Following the educational lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic Trutone Tuition is now offering study coaching sessions designed to compliment the student's experience of school and work in concert with the curriculum.


Using history, philosophy, the arts and design as a basis and window into core subjects such as mathematics and science the student is introduced to study practices that can be applied universally.

The sessions are intended to empower the student, grow confidence and give them the tools to realise their potential while promoting their sense of wellbeing. 

Focusing on essential time management skills and effective study practice these sessions offer great value, promoting the personal wellbeing and boosting the mental health of students moving into a future of target driven workplaces and/or higher education.

Each programme of sessions is tailored uniquely to the student for maximum effect. Sessions can also be delivered at a frequency that is suitable to the student and meets their needs with contact facilitated between scheduled hours.